Star Trek™ The Emperor A-Line Dress

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You won't want to leave your mirror in this dress inspired by the formidable Emperor Phillipa Georgiou, of the Mirror Universe! This A-Line dress features the design of the Emperor's regal armor, with starburst patterns composed of tiny Terran Empire symbols, and the marking of the Emperor's super-mycelial flagship, the ISS Charon.

Also, pockets.


Fit: This A-Line dress is different from the rest as it uses our thicker leggings fabric! That means it features a heavier drape, slightly looser fit, and benefits from that gorgeous sheen to really make the design pop. We recommend considering going a size SMALLER than you wear in our standard A-Line dresses, especially if you're in between sizes. For instance, Victoria wears a Medium in our regular A-Lines, but a Small in The Emperor A-Line.

    • Kate has a 34" Bust and 25" Waist. She is modeling a Size Small.
    • Aabria has a 40" Bust and 36" Waist. She is modeling a Size Medium.
    • Melody has a 48" Bust and 44.5" Waist. She is modeling a Size XL.
    • Nik has a 42" Bust and 34" Waist. She is modeling a Size Medium.
    • Melinda-Catherine has a 40" Bust and 33" Waist. She wears an hourglass mini corset to smooth her waistline without taking off any inches. She is modeling a Size Medium.
      • Melanie has a 32" Bust and 26" Waist. She is modeling a Size Small.

      Fabric:  82% Polyester, 18% Spandex/Lycra
      Care: Machine wash cold on delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Or hand wash cold and dry flat for best longevity.
      Made in the USA

      Please allow 1-2 weeks for item to ship out.


      (Measurements are listed in inches. Measurements are of the wearer.)


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