Submit Your Design

Would you like to see your artwork or designs on clothing? Submit your design to Pop Galaxy! If your design is selected, we will produce it as a limited edition item.

You retain all rights to your original artwork. Pop Galaxy gets an exclusive license to use your artwork on apparel, and retains the design of the clothing in which your artwork appears.

You get paid up to 10% of the purchase price of each garment, depending on how much work is required to turn your artwork into a garment. Plus, you get one free item for each type of garment on which your design appears. So if we use your design for leggings, you get a free pair of leggings. If we use it for dresses and poncho tanks, you get a free dress and poncho tank.

For the purposes of consideration for use in a Pop Galaxy garment, you should send artwork that is less than 10MB. If we go ahead with producing a garment based on your artwork, the source artwork should be as high-resolution as possible, and can be much larger than 10MB if necessary. An image 5000 pixels high is a good neighborhood to aim for.

Send your submission to:

By submitting a design, you warrant that you have the full right and authority to assign the license and rights to use the submitted design/artwork for the purpose of making apparel. You also warrant that the submitted artwork/design is your sole creation (except for public domain elements) and nothing contained therein infringes or violates the rights of any third party, and that you own and/or control all rights in the artwork/design submitted, and that you have not granted, assigned, mortgaged, pledged, or hypothecated any right, title, or interest relevant to the purpose of making apparel, that you have in the artwork/design, and that, to the best of your knowledge, there are no adverse claims, pending litigation, or threat of litigation against you involving the submitted artwork/design.