About Us


We're 2 nerds in love with fandom, fashion, and each other!

(If you're groaning from how dorky that sounds, then our job here is done.)

Jinyo and Victoria first met at Anime Expo in 2005 and have been together ever since. Sharing a passionate love of cosplay, Jinyo found himself developing and honing a wide range of skills over the years working on costumes for the two of them (Victoria used to make her own costumes until she discovered how much better Jinyo was at it). Sculpting, crafting, casting, mold making, prop building...and of course, sewing, pattern drafting, and clothing design.

His interest in designing and making his own fashion garments grew after Victoria and their friend Lindsay Orndorff started their own geek fashion and lifestyle blog, Set To Stunning, and he had to listen to Victoria go on and on and on about the developing fashion trends in the geek industry.

Jinyo found that he really enjoyed making pretty things for Victoria to wear (like the Tron inspired party dress), and that every time one of them had an idea for a geek inspired fashion garment and he made it, their friends loved it! So he decided to start his own clothing company. Because, you know, that's a normal thing people do.

Victoria fancies herself a fashion designer and stylist, and Jinyo has a background in fine arts and graphic design. Armed with that and their mutual desire to design and create apparel inspired by their favorite fandoms that geek women would want to wear, they mostly have no idea what they're doing, but are doing it anyway.



Gold Bubble Clothing is a pop-culture clothing brand whose designs and garments are inspired by Jinyo and Victoria's favorite fandoms and fashions. Our medium is sublimated spandex, because stretchy things fit all the bodies and feels amazing.

Our designs range from subtle and chic, to obviously geeky and bold...because Victoria likes to be one or the other depending on the occasion or her mood, and luckily for us she doesn't seem to be the only one!

All designs are by Jinyo or Victoria, and everything is prototyped by Jinyo in our small workshop here in Los Angeles. Yeah, he kinda does a lot.

Our sublimated garments are printed in our workshop by Jinyo, Victoria, or one of their super cool friends. Manufacturing is also done by Jinyo or, when there's a high enough volume of orders, by an amazing woman-owned-and-run sewing factory in Downtown LA.







Founder and Designer

Jinyo designs and prototypes all the things. All day. All night. In his underwear. TMI?
He never knows what day or time it is until reminded by Victoria. He loves popcorn with way too much butter on it.



Creative Director

Victoria manages the GB social media, coordinates photo shoots, and runs all convention adventures. She also contributes to the design and prototyping process.
When she's not sleeping on the couch with Parks & Rec or The Office playing on a loop, she can be found at Nerdstrong Gym or shopping on her phone.


Uhura The Cat

Human Resources Manager

Uhura was stolen off the mean streets of North Hollywood by Victoria after wandering into a Nerdstrong class hungry, dirty, and maybe looking to get SWOL. Jinyo loves how quiet she is (so far). She spends her days and nights sleeping and biting toes. In her spare time she provides cuddles and listens to employee grievances.