Product FAQs

What is Made-To-Order?

Pop Galaxy Clothing is a small business working in small production runs. It's more economical and eco-friendly for us to only produce what we need, instead of sitting on inventory we might never sell (been there, done that). So, we generally only make an item once we have received an order for it.

Made-To-Order is NOT the same as a Custom Order. We can provide minor alteration adjustments for a small fee, such as shortening the hem on our skirts, dress, or leggings. We cannot create a custom-sized garment for you, or make major changes to our pieces like adding sleeves or changing the neckline.

What is a "Poncho Tank"?

A "poncho tank" is a versatile, fun, one-size-fits-all top with open sides. It can be worn with your arms underneath it, like a poncho, or with your arms through the side holes, like a loose-fitting, drapey tank top. Belt it so it's more like a long dress, or wear wear it asymmetrically, with your head through one of the side holes, like a sort of avant-garde toga top. Our poncho tanks are made from the same poly-lycra fabric as our dresses and skirts, so they are cool, slick, and drape beautifully.

What are "Limited Edition" items?

Items that are labeled as "Limited Edition" are only available for a limited time period (usually a week). After the time period is over, that item will no longer be available. While it is possible that the item (or one similar to it) will become available sometime in the future, we cannot guarantee it.

Where is Pop Galaxy Clothing made?

Our exclusive Pop Galaxy products are printed in the United States of America, by American citizens, and made in the USA by Americans, out of fabrics that are sourced from all over the world.